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About Serendipity Antique Shows

    Ser-en-dip-i-ty: n. the gift of being able to make delightful discoveries by pure accident

    In November of 1976 Beth & Don Elliott from their little Antique Shop on Pollasky Avenue in Clovis, California took a great leap of faith and trusted in their abilities to organize and promote an antique show at the Big Fresno Fairgrounds.  Beth  tells the story about the first time she went into the Commerce building and almost had a panic attack wondering how they were going to fill this large empty building with the quality and quantity of Dealers, Customers and Merchandise that they knew it would take to succeed. 

    Well succeed they did, here 30 years later the show is still going strong, with quality dealers, great merchandise and lots of eager customers.  Many of the faces of the dealers and collectors have changed over the years but there are an amazing amount of very Loyal Customers and Dealers who have agreed that this show is the Jewel of the Central Valley when it comes to Antique Shows.

    One of those Dealers, Glen Movey who was there from the very first show (in fact he remembers being down on his hands and knees taping off the spaces for that first show with Don) is now the Show Director, after taking over from his friend and mentor Beth upon her retirement.  If you are a Serendipity Regular or have done shows throughout California or Nevada you have probably met Glen (you know, the big, white haired guy with all the antique scales) either in booth 4 at Serendipity, or doing another show, or in Treasure of the Sierra Madre, the antique shop, he and his family ran in Fresno for many years.  He has an extensive Advertising Background starting with his college training as a Photographer, and for the last 15 years has managed the advertising for a major Central Valley antique auction house, including their Print, Media & Direct Mail Advertising Campaigns. 

    To the collectors and the folks who just come to the show to have a look around and have a fun day talking to the dealers, looking at the goodies and maybe just learning a little bit about a wonderful trinket that has been handed down through the family for years, you can count on seeing a lot of the same friendly faces you are used to, plus maybe a chance to make a few new friends.  You may notice our advertising in a few new places (like this web site) and you will see it in all the familiar spots like the Television News, Radio, Trade Papers, and the Newspapers.  In fact why don't you send us your e-mail address and we will be happy to e-mail a printable discount ticket to our next show (we promise we won't share your address with anyone, we hate spam too) just use this button.    E-mail Coupon

    To the great Dealers who have done this show over the years and to the new ones who will be joining us in the future, we promise to do our best to keep the Serendipity Antique Show the kind of show you expect it to be. It will be highly advertised, with quality dealers, lots of customers and a dealer friendly atmosphere, after all we have been dealers for many years, how could we strive for anything less.


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